4exchange, service and on site support in Cape Town, South Africa

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4exchange, service and on site support in Cape Town, South Africa

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E-mail: info@4exchange-southafrica.com

4exchange services: on-site support in South Africa

Organizing your internship, volunteer work or course with 4exchange implies organizing your whole stay at once. Through our full service package you are ensured of an easy, successful and safe stay in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Our 4exchange service package includes help in finding good accommodation for your stay in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, an instant social network of other interns, volunteers and other course participants, frequently organized outings and activities, nice discounts on travels through South Africa and on-site support in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.


Regardless of what it is you ask us to organize - an internship, volunteer work or customized course - our service package is always included. It contains the following:

After you have sent us your application form (free of charge), we are on our way. Our mediation starts with finding you the best internship company, course or volunteer work in South Africa. In the mean time we answer all questions you might have. Once we found a matching internship or volunteer project, we consult you to see whether it is what you are looking for. If both parties are enthusiastic, we put you in contact with each other. This enables you to make clear agreements, so all people involved know what to expect, and what is expected from them. This way we significantly decrease the distance between Europe and South Africa.

On-site support in South Africa
Our company has two offices, one in Cape Town and one in Port Elizabeth, which means we can be your on-site support during your stay in South Africa. You can always call us for help, advice or any practical issues during your internship, volunteer work or course in South Africa. Obviously, we are also the first point of contact for worried parents, teachers and other relatives.


Accommodation Cape Town
Because finding furnished, payable, nice and safe accommodation in South Africa can be just as difficult as finding a decent internship, a course or volunteer project, we provide help in this area as well. We have the luxury of possessing a few fully furnished houses in Cape Town, and a solid network of landlords we work with very closely in order to accommodate all our clients. Having your own pleasant and safe room undoubtedly makes your stay in South Africa a lot more enjoyable.


Airport transfer and welcome pack with (registered) sim-card
When you arrive in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth after your long flight from Europe, we are personally awaiting you at the airport. Firstly to give you a warm welcome, and secondly to offer you the first impression of your city of choice, help you cash your first Rands, as well as to buy airtime for your South African mobile number. That way you can let those at home know you have arrived safe and sound in Cape Town.


On our way to your accommodation we will tell you a bit more about your new hometown, your accommodation and any other practical and valuable information. Our airport transfer makes sure you start your time in South Africa in a relaxed and enjoyable way.


Introduction to your internship/volunteer project
We accompany you on your first day to your internship placement or your volunteer work. We show you the best way to get there, and we introduce you to your new colleagues. This offers you and the project or company to go through the previously made agreements between you and your internship company or volunteer work one more time. Knowing how to get to work and knowing what's expected at your work means you have all the ingredients for a wonderful internship or time as a volunteer in South Africa.


Meeting other 4exchange participants
We know that next to a successful internship or volunteer project, having people around you is just as important to enjoy your time abroad. That's why we like for all students, interns and course participants of 4exchange to get to know other. Next to practical advantages this may offer (such as sharing a car), having a group of friends means getting together often and explore the country together in trips and outings during the weekend. Being part of 4exchange means not being on your own, unless you choose to.


Help you find a cheap rental car in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.
Having or sharing your own car in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth is a big advantage. Prior to arrival in the city, we can help you organize a nice and decent rental car, offering not just cheap, but also (very important) well-insured cars.


4exchange activities
We frequently organize fun outings, trips and social get-togethers for our students and volunteers in South Africa. Varying from a weekend of whale spotting in Hermanus, a night out in Long Street or a hike in Cederbergen, our activities are both adventurous, relaxing, cultural and fun at the same time. Read more about our social events and outings in activities.

4exchange travel discounts

Up for a bit of travelling through South Africa after your course, volunteer work or internship? You can save yourself a fair amount of money by booking through 4exchange. We have financial agreements with several tour operators, which allows us to offer our students and volunteers nice discounts on numerous organized tours through South Africa.




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