Internship in Cape Town, South Africa: social education intern at shelter for refugees, cape town

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Internship south africa: social education intern at shelter for refugees, cape town

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Vacancies: 2
Internship period: 4-6 months

Internship Company: this shelter for refugees provides a home for children aged 6-18 years old, many from other African countries. The house provides full time care to a maximum number of 30 children and is structured into two houses, one for younger boys and girls and teenage girls, and a separate smaller home for teenage boys.

Summary Internship:

Central point of focus at this internship in Cape Town is the daily care, guidance and 'entertainment' of the children living in the shelter. Interns help the children with their homework, as well as organize daily activities (games, sports, etc) for them. You supervise children during meal times, outings and recreation time. Overall you assist in maintaining order, fun times and discipline in the house.

Depending on the educational background of the intern, the student is involved in the counselling processes of the children, by assisting the in-house social worker. The intern is part of staff meetings, and also takes responsibility for some small maintenance chores in the house.

The possibility of doing a special graduation research or analysis is a possibility at the this home.


You are...
- Flexible in your working hours, you don't mind working weekends and nights occasionally
- Aware of the difficult and hard circumstances of children you might be dealing with, and consider yourself professional enough to deal with that
- 'Up for the challenge'
- Pro-active, assertive, creative, full of life and initiative

This internship is suitable for: students of Social Work, Pedagogy, Psychology and related studies


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