Internship in Cape Town, South Africa: teaching in cape town, south africa

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Doing your internship in Cape Town with 4exchange means ensuring you experience the best work placement in South Africa, while having an unforgettable once-in-a-life-time experience at the same time!

internship cape town: teaching in cape town, south africa

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Vacancies: flexible
Internship period: 4-6 months


Internship Company & Summary Internship: Both primary as well as elementary schools in Cape Town often work with international interns to join their staff. Depending on your education, background and previous work experience, we can establish which role in teaching at a school in Cape Town suits you and the institution best. You will either be assisting the class teacher, or teach your own class independently. Good knowledge of the English language are essential for this type of internship in South Africa. Lessons that interns teach or assist the existing teacher in range in subjects: sports, drama, biology, math, English, history, etc.


Schools range from schools in the townships, or schools in the 'better' suburbs, including all that lies in between. We offer internships at schools for children with learning disabilities or other behavioural issues, as well as 'regular' school in and around Cape Town. Children's ages range from 6-18 years old, and their social background offers a great mix.

You are...
- A person who likes to take initiative
- Creative and like to bring your own ideas about teaching and education in general to the country
- In possession of good social and communicative skills
- Well-spoken and articulate in the English language, as well as good English writing skills

This internship is suitable for:  students doing an education in teaching, social studies, sport education, or related studies.


More information? Email to the attention of vacancy 015.


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