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Doing your internship in Cape Town with 4exchange means ensuring you experience the best work placement in South Africa, while having an unforgettable once-in-a-life-time experience at the same time!

INTERNSHIP ABROAD: media / journalism placement cape town

Location internship: Cape Town, South Africa
Internship period: 5 months


Are you an enthusiastic, driven and talented student in Journalism, Communication or Media Studies? Are you passionate about travelling, culture, people and everything that's going on in the world? Then perhaps this young and dynamic online media company in South Africa can offer you the best internship in Cape Town!


The magazine's office is located on Long Street in the central heart of the city. Staff consist of about 15 young, international people - all passionate writers, editors and web developers - who aim to bring it's readers all news happening in and around Cape Town. Subjects covered vary from events, sports, nightlife and social news from Cape Town.


Summary Internship: As an intern at this company you are responsible for writing articles, features, columns and postings for the website of the magazine. You spend your time wisely between finding your own stories in Cape Town, worthwhile to be shared, as well as SEO-projects. Every month you work with the editorial team on the monthly newsletter.

Marketing via social / cross media (Twitter / Facebook / Social Networks) and platforms is an important and indispensible part of this work placement in Cape Town. At the end, making sure your stories and articles on the site are well-read, is half of the job of a magazine.


The company looks for an intern that... is interested in the world around it, regardless of where he/she is. An intern that likes travelling, is passionate about Cape Town and enjoys being on top of the city every day. The intern is eager to learn, is flexible, takes initiative and likes working in a dynamic and young company. Being and thinking creative is a plus!

Please note there also are opportunities for an internship for native Dutch and German Media students at this company!


You are...
- Familiar with the concept of SEO and writing accordingly
- 'Good with the pen' - you know how to write appealing features, columns and articles
- Aware of all opportunities social media can offer an online city magazine
- A good communicator, you work well in a team

This internship is suitable for: Students in Media, Communication and/or Journalism.

More information? Email to to the attention of vacancy 001


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