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Wine Course in South Africa (advanced)

Are you a hospitality or wine student, a sommelier to be, want to start a career in the wine industry, frantic about wines or would you love to become a true fanatic? If one of these questions can be answered by 'yes', then this Certificate Wine Course in South Africa might be just what you are looking for! Take an in-depth journey into South African wine with this Certificate Wine Course in South Africa.

This Certificate South African Wine Course offers a tasteful and valuable insight in to the vast world of wine and wine appreciation. The course takes place at different wine estate in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek in the beautiful Cape Winelands.

This extensive South African wine course encompasses topics on wine styles and the effect of wine on the taste of food; vineyard and winemaking practices, different processes of making wine, and how these processes and practices contribute to making a quality wine. It broadens your viticulture and winemaking knowledge, whilst learning about the industry, sparkling, sweet and dessert styles wines, along with fortified wines and brandies. In short: this certificate wine course gives you a tasteful sip of all there is to know about South African wines. On the fourth day of the course, after all theory and tastings are covered and done, students can take an exam in order to gain an official wine certificate (optional).


The last day of the wine course is reserved for a scenic route in the Cape Winelands, and several visits to some of the most beautiful hidden gems of wine estates with some exquisite tastings.


Course overview Certificate Wine Course, South Africa


Day 1

8.15 - 15.30

Tutored Wine Tasting
Viticulture. Seasons of the vine: how to establish a vineyard.
Pests and diseases
Wine Tasting and discussion

Day 2

7.45 - 16.30

Viticulture. Wine growing areas of South Africa.
Wine Tasting and discussion
Winemaking: from arrival at cellar till final product. Art of blending, wood treatments,
innovations in winemaking.
Wine Tasting and discussion

Day 3

9.00 - 15.00

Brandy distilling. Process of production. Different styles
Wine Tasting and discussion
Fortified Wines - Sherry, Port, Fortified Wines
Wine Tasting and discussion

Day 4

8.30 - 13.15

Sparkling Wines - methods of production, different styles
Special & Noble Late Harvest wines - definition & different styles
Wine Tasting and discussion

Day 5

8.30 - 16.00

Organized full-day tour around the Cape Winelands including lunch and tastings


All lectures include wine tastings and course manuals. Lectures are 2,5 hours each.


Groups consist of 30 people maximum. Students of this Certificate South African Wine Course in Cape Town can choose their type of accommodation: student housing, backpackers, B&B, or a 4-star guesthouse in the Winelands. There is also the option of booking the course without accommodation.
Depending on where the accommodation is located, 4exchange advises participants of the wine course to rent a car during this course. If needed, we are happy to assist in renting a affordable car in Cape Town.

This 5-day wine course could be a valuable extension or ending of your time as a volunteer or your internship in Cape Town. Or, it could be a fun part of your travels in South-Africa. However, the course and experience itself is a great reason to get in the plane to Cape Town!


Would you love to know more about South African wine, but only have one day to find out and taste as much as you can? Then look at our Introduction Course in South African Wines.


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Mind you: 'Introduction Course in South African wines' is obligatory before taking this course







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