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Course Webdesign / Web Publishing in Cape Town

Every modern student of media should be able to build a proper website. However, the good old days that this necessity was a student-matter only, is long gone. Every entrepreneur, company or blogger who wants to take him- or herself seriously in the current digital era, must know how to create an appealing, visually attractive and user-friendly website within the playing field of the World Wide Web.
Want to make web sites that connect? Learn to build beautiful websites with commercial value and more powerful back-end features.

If you are an aspiring web designer/publisher who wants to enhance add commercial value to your already functional HTML sites - and thereby enhance the usability and professionalism of your web sites - then this is the course for you!

You will cover popular topics in the field of advanced web programming such as an introduction to cutting-edge technologies like Server-based scripting in PHP, and how work with basic PHP using WordPress, editing  WordPress templates, using external sources to fill your website with content, such as XML and advanced HTML.

Course Outline
Introduction to Content Management Systems and Database driven websites
Introduction to web 2.0 principles and technologies
Introduction to WordPress (Open Source Content Management System)
Administering the WordPress Content Management System
Understanding the admin interface of the WordPress software
Installing WordPress On live servers & On a local testing servers
Understanding the structure of WordPress Themes
Learning basic to Intermediate WordPress coding
Understanding the WordPress Loop (The main content engine)
Adding Plugins & other custom functionality to WordPress Themes
WordPress Custom Templates
Custom Fields (creating custom data types & data structures)


Practical projects make this course a must!

This industry leading academy of digital arts and Apple and Adobe certified training centre, offers you comprehensive training in essential web publishing techniques, processes and software. You learn to build compelling, functional and beautiful web sites using standards compliant code and design techniques, using 3 popular technologies: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) and WordPress.

This Webdesign & Web publishing course in Cape Town is meant for all students, young professionals, designers and other creative entrepreneurs who fully want to grasp the study and art of creating a website, as well as publishing on it accordingly. This course is ideal for any professional working in the fields of print design, general graphic design, marketing or public relations, who need an thorough introduction to the essential technologies required for the preparation and publishing of basic HTML-based web sites.

Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most creative cities in the world. It's both "energetic, booming and dynamic", as many describe the upsurge of art, design and several other creative explosions in South Africa's Mother City. There are very few other cities where a student of Webdesign gets exposed to as many creative impulses and visual boosts, as one does in modern Cape Town.

Doing this Webdesign & Web publishing course in Cape Town for two months could be a valuable extension of your volunteer work or internship in Cape Town, or could be a 'meaningful' part of your travels in South Africa. However, the Webdesign course itself is a great reason to get in the plane to Cape Town!

Please check out the options to divide and follow this course in two separate programmes: Course Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop and our Course Webdesign: Dreamweaver.

Lectures at the academy are from Monday to Friday from 9AM until 4PM. Classes consist a maximum of 25 students, and provide enough opportunity for individual tutoring and attention. The first course in Webdesign starts March 7th 2011. The academy is located in the heart of Cape Town.

Students of this course can choose their type of accommodation: a room in a student house or in a backpackers/B&B. All accommodation is within walking distance of the academy. There is also the option of booking the course without accommodation.


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