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Scuba Diving Course in Cape Town, South Africa

Let's be honest - Cape Town isn't exactly known as diving paradise. International divers won't tell you to expect impressive corals, reefs and millions of tropical fish. Some will even warn you for the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean you will experience if you enter the sea in Cape Town. And yet, scuba diving in Cape Town is very popular. How come?

Diving in Cape Town means having access to two different oceans. There's a USP that very few other diving spots in the world have. One the one side of the Peninsula you plunge in the lovingly warm Indian Ocean, while on the other side of the Cape the cold waves of the Atlantic Ocean are rather cold, very cold.

Water sports are very popular in Cape Town. Surfing, sailing and diving are some of the most common sports practiced in Cape Town, especially during European winters, when South Africa enjoys its warm summer months. The windy and cool climate of the country - especially on the coasts - is ideal for many water sports.

Our diving school in Cape Town offers a 4/5 day scuba diving course for you to gain your Open Water PADI in Cape Town. During the diving course you will encounter some of South Africa's greatest under water charms: kelps, fish, octopuses and seals - below, behind and above you. Not to forget one of Cape Town most well known diving treats: ship wreck diving. On the bottom of the South African oceans lie tens of different ship wrecks, that are popular diving spots for professional scuba divers. You won'’t find any of those in the Caribbean or the Red Sea!

Getting your Open Water PADI in the underwater slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town is a diving experience on itself. Because of the extraordinary conditions (weather, water, wind) divers all over the world are unanimous: 'if one can dive in Cape Town, one can dive everywhere'.


Outline 4exchange Scuba Diving Course in Cape Town

Day 1

9.00u - 17.00

Theory in the dive centre in Cape Town

Day 2

9.00u - 17.00

Practice in the pool + Theoretical exam*

Day 3

9.00u - 17.00

Out on the ocean - 2 professional dives

Day 4

9.00u - 17.00

Out on the ocean - 2 professional dives

Day 5


Optional extra dive on the ocean

After the diving course in Cape Town and successfully gaining your Open Water PADI you are entitled to another professional dive with our diving school, at any day and time you like.

Professional dives on the ocean are - depending on weather conditions taken in either the Indian Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean. The diving school is located on a ten minute drive of the centre of Cape Town. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transport, both to the diving centre as well as to the swimming pool (2nd day of the course). 4exchange advises participants of the diving course to rent a car during this course. If needed, we are happy to assist in renting an affordable car in Cape Town. Groups consist of a maximum of 8 people per course.

* The theoretical exam of the Open Water PADI course can also be taken at the 3rd or 4th day of the diving course.

Students of this Scuba Diving course in Cape Town can choose their type of accommodation: a room in a student house or in a backpackers/B&B. There is also the option of booking the course without accommodation.


This 5-day Scuba Diving Course in Cape Town could be a valuable extension of your volunteer work or internship in Cape Town, or could be a fun yet meaningful part of your travels in South-Africa. However, the diving course and experience itself is a great reason to get in the plane to Cape Town!


** Email us for more information on this course


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