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Sailing Course in Cape Town, South Africa

Sailing the Atlantic Ocean, while looking at Robben Island on your left hand side and Table Mountain on your right, you soon realize sailing in Cape Town is an unforgettable experience.


Skipper Ralph will take you along his modest yacht for 5 full days, and together you conquer the Capetonian seas with your small group of students (maximum 6 people). Every morning you leave the harbour of Cape Town for the open sea, where Ralph will teach you all there is to know about sailing. And especially about sailing in South Africa, which is a special treat on itself!

This Competent Crew sailing course is for the newcomer to sailing or for someone who has some dinghy sailing but no cruising experience. It is also the ideal way to go should you wish to obtain a more advanced ticket, i.e. Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster etc.

The sailing course in Cape Town will enable you to build up some sea miles as well as some experience and above all equip you to be a useful and productive crewmember on any yacht, as well as teach you to be an effective Watch Master when the skipper is off watch. Having successfully completed a Competent Crew Course you will be an asset to any skipper who takes part in Club and Offshore Races.

During this sailing holiday / sailing course in Cape Town the yacht becomes your classroom.


The daily schedule of the sailing course is as follows:

Day 1

10.00 - 17.00

Open sea training

Day 2

14.00 - 20.30

Open sea training + night sailing

Day 3

14.00 - 20.30

Open sea training + night sailing

Day 4

10.00 - 17.00

Open sea training

Day 5

10.00 - 17.00

Sailing trip around the Peninsula

The following aspects are dealt with in detail during the sailing course:
Nautical Terms (including different types of yachts & parts of a sailing yacht)
Knots & Rope work
Preparing the sails for sea
Hoisting the mainsail and jib, reefing and changing sails as well as stowing the sails
How sails work
Points of sailing
Sailing on the wind, Sailing upwind, Sailing downwind
Going about and sail trim o­n a reach.
Gybing under control
Steering and Holding a steady course
Leaving a berth
Picking up a mooring
Sailing at Night
Rules of the Road and who gives way?
International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea.
Sailing manners and nautical customs.
Using the dinghy
Personal comfort and personal safety
Man overboard-actions to be taken
Fire, mayday and other distress signals
Abandoning to the liferaft
Living aboard, using the heads and living afloat
Weather forecasts and the Beaufort wind scale
Table Bay Harbour Regulations


After the sailing course you receive an official Competent Crew certificate, stating you may sail and be part of a sailing crew all over the world.

The first course of sailing in Cape Town, South Africa starts on February 7th 2011.

Students of this sailing course in Cape Town can choose their type of accommodation: a room in a student house or in a backpackers/B&B. There is also the option of booking the course without accommodation. Since you won't be sleeping on the boat but in accommodation outside the harbour, 4exchange advises participants of the sailing course to rent a car during this course. If needed, we are happy to assist in renting an affordable car in Cape Town.


This 5-day sailing holiday could be a valuable extension or ending of your time as a volunteer or your internship in Cape Town. Or, it could be a fun part of your travels in South-Africa. However, the sailing course and experience itself is a great reason to get in the plane to Cape Town!


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