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Digital Photography Course in Cape Town, South Africa

"The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking." (Brooks Atkinson)

This entry level photography course in Cape Town combines theory and practice to enable you to take better digital photographs with your digital SLR camera by increasing your theoretical understanding of photography and exploring your creative side. The professional course covers camera anatomy, resolution, ISO, exposure, visual effects of the aperture and shutter speed, working with natural and artificial light, colour temperature, white balance, lenses, flash photography, composition and visual literacy. Also covered are the advantages of shooting RAW versus jpeg, the basics of retouching digital photographs using adobe Photoshop CS2 and preparing images for web or print.

Classes: Digital Photography 1 Intensive is presented in daily sessions of 4 hours each, over a period of one week. Sessions include presentations by lecturers and students, a supervised practical shoot around the topic of discussion, slideshows and critiques. Students are also expected to complete a number of practical assignments in response to a project brief. The second week of the course is reserved for several photo shoots in and outside the photogenic city of Cape Town.

Explore this magnificent city and its scenic peninsula through your lens, in the company of an experienced lecturer and under the auspices of one of the city's foremost photographic schools.
During your first week of the photography course in Cape Town, we will cover all the technical know-how you need to get the most from your camera. During the second week, explore the city and surrounds in the company of your lecturer, who will give you hands on advice on using all your new-found knowledge.

This is a chance in a lifetime to see the Cape Town through the eyes of locals, your own professional lense and depart with a holiday album you will treasure.

Day 1: The Camera
An introduction to photography: Introducing light as the key element to taking a photograph
Camera anatomy and Camera care
Your first shoot: Setting your camera for shooting in manual mode
Lens basics: an introduction to the lens on your camera - anatomy and specs
Focus: Manual/Auto/Locking your focus, using your optical viewfinder effectively
Visual Literacy Component
Homework Assignment

Day 2: Exposure
Exploring the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & WHY of the three major light controlling devices on your camera:
Shutter, Aperture and ISO
Metering Modes and exposure compensation
Downloading, editing and managing your images, and an introduction to editing software
Homework Assignment


Experience the beauty and majesty of Cape Town through your lens in this 4 hour workshop. We will start near sunset, teaching you to take magnificent panoramas. After nightfall, capture the magic of the city lights in nightscapes. At the editing session at the end of the week, we will teach you to stitch and edit the results of this shoot.

Day 3: Lenses & the creative application of aperture & shutter
Aperture: Depth of Field
Shutter: bulb/motion blur/freezing motion/camera shake
Creative exposure compensation
Introduction to types of lenses:
Homework assignment

Day 4: Recap
Recap on the technical and creative aspects of your camera use
Editing your photographs: Software at your disposal
Practical Shoot - Outing
Recap and crit days shooting
Homework Assignment

Day 5: Light
Exposing in response to your local environment
Problem Solving Light
Light Sources: Natural/Artificial
Working with Flash
Painting with light





On Day 1, we take you on a tour of our scenic Peninsula, via the historic fishing harbour of Kalk Bay, through the naval base of Simonstown to photograph the penguin colony at Boulders Beach. From there, we will go around Cape Point and back via the beautiful villages of Scarborough and Misty Cliffs, past one of Cape Town's longest and most pristine beaches, Noordhoek and back to Cape Town via the breathtaking Chapmans Peak Drive. During the tour, you will be able to practice your landscape and street portrait skills.


On day 2 we take you on a photographic tour into one of the most colourful townships in Cape Town. Experience a life completely removed from the city of Cape Town, and capture the warmth of community living, the different traditions and the vibrant colours of township life. Also experience a lunch at the famous jive restaurant Mzolis in Gugulethu.


On day 3, we will take you on a tour of our magnificent Winelands. This will test your skills in shooting at low light, give you a chance to sample some of our country's award winning wines and also let you photograph the scenery of the verdant hills and historic buildings of our Cape Winelands.


On day 4, we will return to the school with all the images you have taken during the past two weeks, and give you tips on editing, cataloguing and storing your images. We will also assist you in creating a flow that tells a story. We work on Photoshop, Lightroom and other freeware, so all your editing requirements should be covered.
Have fun choosing your best images with your travel companions and your lecturer, and learn some useful post-production lessons at the same time, which we will focus on during the last day of the course.

At the end of the Photography Course in Cape Town all students are given the chance to expose their best work to the public in the Academy.


This two-week Professional Photography Course in Cape Town could be a valuable extension of your volunteer work or internship in Cape Town, or could be a 'meaningful' part of your travels in South-Africa. However, the course itself is a great reason to get in the plane to Cape Town!

Lectures at the academy are from Monday to Friday from 1PM until 5PM. Classes consist of a maximum of 10 students, and provide enough opportunity for individual tutoring and attention. The first Professional Photography Course starts March 21st 2011. The academy is located in the heart of Cape Town.

Students of this course in Cape Town can choose their type of accommodation: a room in a student house or in a backpackers/B&B. All accommodation is within walking distance of the academy. There is also the option of booking the course without accommodation.


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