Information on South Africa, the Rainbow Nation in all its diversity

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Information on South Africa

South Africa, the Rainbow Nation in all its diversity

It takes very little effort to convince travellers of the beauty of South Africa, and its appeal as a holiday destination. Travel guides area filled with the most beautiful pictures of South African nature, its cosmopolitan cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, amazing beaches and safari parks like the Kruger Park. But why is South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, such a popular destination for international students who want to do an internship abroad?


Cape Town, a world-class student city

Every year thousands of international students travel to Cape Town to do their internships. Students from all different types and kinds of education find internships fitting their curriculum - commercial students, graphic students, social students, mechanical engineers, marketing students, technical students, academic research students and many more.

Its cultural variety, fascinating South African heritage, trendy nightlife, great beaches, warm climate and international feel make Cape Town the appealing student city it nowadays is. International students come to Cape Town to discover this great city and South Africa, to meet new people, improve their English skills, while at the same time doing a valuable internship at a South African company. The Rainbow Nation, as people often call South Africa thanks to its great diversity and colourful inhabitants, offers endless opportunities to all international students.


Internships in South Africa, social meets commercial

Ever since Apartheid was abolished in 1994 and international trade borders were re-opened after years of international isolation, South African economy has witnessed an enormous upsurge, being the strongest and most stable economy of the African continent.

However, not everyone in South Africa benefits from the country's rapid development. South Africa still deals with extreme poverty in places all over the country. Many social projects aimed to improve the social standards of thousands of people, often are helped out by hundreds of international social students and volunteers. These organizations can always use an extra pair of hands - or hundreds.

South Africa's economic development has made the country an interesting place for internships with a slightly less social, and somewhat more commercial character. Did you know that South Africa's metal industry, automotive industry and trade in commodities make up for 30% of Africa's total export?

Where there's development in social welfare, there's a boost in creativity. Cape Town nowadays has a flourishing movie-, media- and fashion industry with a great international reputation, offering a wide range of internships in this field of work in South Africa.

Are you looking for a socially oriented internship with people, an internship to expand your creative and graphic talents or rather work in a larger internationally oriented company? You can do virtually any internship in Cape Town!


Doing an internship in Cape Town: a cultural challenge

Granted with eleven official languages, an extremely colourful population and a wide gap between rich and poor, South Africa is by far one of the most culturally challenged nations of the world. After having experienced the turbulent times Apartheid and its aftermath, the country has developed itself in a rather positive manner for the last 20 years.

Regardless at what type of company you do your internship in Cape Town, you will always encounter the local traditions and South African culture, just like the political scarves of the country. Especially in Cape Town you will sometimes encounter the feeling you are travelling between different worlds, where in fact you are only traversing a few miles within the city.


South Africa, land of unlimited travel options

Doing an internship in South Africa doesn't necessarily mean you actually explore the country. Make sure you often leave the four walls of your intern company, and get to see as much of this beautiful country as possible. Isn't that a great part of the fun of doing an international internship? Get to know the country, it's people, it's nature and its customs?
Many international students travel around South Africa after their internship in Cape Town. Opportunities are endless: whether you want to travel to Namibia in an organized bus tour, or rather rent a car and drive the Garden Route by yourself or with friends - South Africa offers all options for all sorts of travellers.



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