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Cape Town is also referred to as the Mother City of South Africa, due to the fact that Cape Town was the first point of entry into South Africa. Whoever dares to decide that the Mother City isn't one of the most beautiful places in the world, clearly has never set foot in the city.


Cape Town has it all. It has Table Mountain, it has Devil's Peak, it has the beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay, it has Robben Island and it has the Winelands. There are few places in the world able to combine nature, culture, history and sports the way Cape Town does. The city attracts thousands of tourists, students and all sorts of travellers the whole year round.


Cape Town is one of the most western cities of the African continent. Luxurious Camps Bay has some striking similarities to Saint Tropez, and many European cities are jealous of Cape Town's unlimited offer in restaurants, bars and clubs.

However, Cape Town isn't the average western city you might think. Next to areas and quarters in the city filled with majestic villas and stately Victorian townhouses, the townships of the Cape Flats, Khayelitsha and Langa appear - home to about 2 million Capetonians.

The average South African on the street differs entirely from his neighbour - in culture, in upbringing, even in language sometimes. The segregation between black and white still exists, even though it no longer is executed with its racist background as during the Apartheid era. After Nelson Mandela and his ANC-party finally succeeded in fully abolishing Apartheid in the 90s, South Africa has made huge steps in becoming a tolerant multicultural society - the real Rainbow Nation. History has given Cape Town its personal character, style and traits, which are enjoyed by Capetonians, as well as by international students and travellers.

Typical Cape Town is its cultural music scene, where mainly its jazz music scene forms a colourful representation of the city, reflecting its cultural diversity to the fullest. Also its architecture and typical buildings (Cape Dutch) add to the personal style of Cape Town, showing its rich cultural heritage. Picture this: Bo Kaap, the Islamic Quarter of Cape Town with its beautiful mosques, is located in the heart of the city, while ten minutes away you will find the city's oldest synagogue in Sea Point.

Hence, Cape Town is a magic mixture of styles, people and colours. It is without a doubt a city that you must have visited and experienced at least once in your life. Once you have been, you'll always want to go back (we are warning you upfront).


Internship in Cape Town

Ever since Apartheid was abolished in 1994 and international trade borders were re-opened after years of international isolation, South African economy has witnessed an enormous upsurge, being the strongest and most stable economy of the African continent. Cape Town has benefited from the economic development like no other city in South Africa, which over the course of time opened the gates for thousands of international employees and students. Currently some thousands international students come to Cape Town every year to do an internship in South Africa.


Safety in Cape Town

Safety in South Africa always has been and perhaps always will be a hot topic in the media, especially in foreign media. South Africa has a bad reputation when it comes to safety, and clearly, not without reason. However, feeling and being safe in Cape Town relies on the same basics of common sense one needs in order to feel safe in Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York and Sydney. Just like these cities, Cape Town has its less safe districts.
Cape Town's city centre is undoubtedly safe for students and tourist, as long as you maintain following your gut feeling and common sense. That's what you do in Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York and Sydney as well, right?

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