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welcome to 4exchange, internships and volunteer agency in cape town and port Elizabeth, South Africa

Ready for an unique internship, course or doing volunteer work in Africa? Looking for an international dimension on your CV, while at the same time in search for the experience of a lifetime? We help you organize a meaningful and unforgettable internship, course or volunteer project in South Africa.


Doing an internship, course or volunteer project in a different country is an unforgettable experience. Especially if you do it in South Africa! Next to being an appealing feature on your CV, it also offers you the chance to experience living in South Africa, its culture and beautiful nature.


Its ideal location, mild climate and international character make Cape Town a very popular city amongst international students from all over the world. Every year, many international students, volunteers and course participants get on a plane, direction: Cape Town.

Besides Cape Town, Port Elizabeth has a lot to offer to international students as well. Situated on a beautiful coastline, In the centre of the Eastern Cape, close to many game reserves, PE offers an international but real South African experience.

However, organizing an internship, course or volunteer work in South Africa isn't the easiest thing. Various things need to be taken good care of, such as finding a suitable internship placement, the right course or an interesting volunteer project, as well as making sure you have the right papers and visa. Not to mention finding suitable and safe accommodation in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth.

Because it's so important to make sure all these things are arranged before boarding on that plane, you can ask 4exchange to help you organize your internship in South Africa. That way you can be totally sure your time in South Africa is taken care of from A to Z.

Internship mediation

Regardless of what kind of internship it is you are looking for, we can get you in touch with local organizations and companies that can offer you a valuable internship in South Africa. Our database contains

a wide variety of possible placements, ranging from media companies, graphic companies, social organizations, technical institutions, event planning organizations, property development, and numerous others. >>Read more


Courses and field trips

Interested in learning a new skill, sport, technique or language and be rewarded with an international certificate to add to your 'resume of life'? Interested in combining such an educational adventure with an extraordinary living experience in South Africa? Course options vary from wine courses, acting lessons, media and photography courses, a wildlife ranger course to several sports courses.
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volunteer work

Volunteer work in South Africa offers a challenging and exciting way of getting to know South Africa, its culture and its people. We stimulate the mutual exchange of knowledge, cultures and competences through a broad range of volunteer projects we offer.

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